3 weeks of pregnancy: where is baby?

Your embryo has between 14 and 21 days of existence and measures 1 to 1.5 mm. It evolves very quickly and doubles in volume each day. Its diameter has already been multiplied by 100! During your 3rd week of pregnancy, it looks like a small comma with a distinct head and tail. The nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord begin to develop. A heart tube formed through the fusion of two blood vessels. It contracts, it is the formation of the heart. It takes shape, starts to beat, very slowly at the moment, with only 40 beats per minute. The formation of the eyes and ears also begins from this 3 th week of pregnancy. The umbilical cord and the placenta slowly begin to be operational … Nevertheless, during this week 3 of pregnancy, the embryo continues to feed on the nutrients present in the uterine lining. The placenta should take over next week. One thing is sure, as early as this 3 week of pregnancy, the great adventure of pregnancy has begun for you!

3 weeks of pregnancy: and the mother’s body?

Your baby’s desire has come true and you begin to feel the first signs of your pregnancy such as mood swings, sore breasts or first nausea . This is due to the influx of hormones (progesterone and estrogen) that prevent the embryo from being expelled from the uterine lining. During this week of pregnancy, you may notice small bleeding related to the implantation of the embryo in the uterus. However, if they are accompanied by lower abdominal pain, it may be a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy . Watch them closely and talk with your doctor. From this week 3 of pregnancy, you may also feel urges to urinate very often or a fierce appetite. No panic, everything is normal. At this stage of pregnancy, your body gradually gets used to the arrival of a new inhabitant. For more details click on calculate conception date.

3 weeks of pregnancy: the steps

You do not have any specific steps planned during this week 3 of pregnancy. Take advantage of this week to make an appointment with your gynecologist or midwife . He will prescribe a number of prenatal exams to check that everything is in order. If you are taking medical treatment, talk to your doctor. Make sure that the medicines you take are not harmful to the fetus. For tobacco or alcohol, stop today. It is the same for exposure to x-rays (during a radiology for example) or toxic products. Keep in mind that the formation of the fetus’ organs is done in the first and second months of pregnancy. Remember to have a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet and rest.

3 weeks of pregnancy: did you know?

Your diet directly affects the development of the fetus. Indeed, an unbalanced diet can go as far as causing a miscarriage. It can also result in low birth weight or premature birth. Mom’s diet also influences Baby’s future life. Thus, an unbalanced diet can cause your child’s future hypertension or even heart problems. Throughout your pregnancy, be sure to choose your food.

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Why do you always want to pee when you’re pregnant?

Since you’re pregnant you keep going back to the bathroom to pee. This phenomenon, frequent in early pregnancy decreases in the second trimester of pregnancy to return more beautiful late in pregnancy. Why do you always want to pee when you’re pregnant? Here are the answers.


 The uterus presses on the bladder

All pregnant women experience this little inconvenience during their pregnancy and this, from the first months of pregnancy. The reason ?Simply because the uterus presses on the bladder. In general, this goes to the second trimester of pregnancy to return more beautiful towards the end of the 3rd when baby begins to descend in the basin and then presses on the bladder.

Why it’s important not to hold back

Even if you are tired of going to the bathroom every 4 seconds, it is important to urinate as soon as you feel like it, to avoid the risk of urinary tract infection. In the same way, do not reduce your water intake (try to drink at least 1 liter and a half a day), essential for the good development of the fetus and for your health. Try to consume more fluid during the day so you can limit your consumption at night and therefore go a little less to the bathroom during the night.

How to dress at the maternity

Carefully prepare the suitcase for your baby is very good but it should not neglect yours, on the contrary! During the days that will follow your delivery, it will be very important that you feel good … in your clothes! How to dress at the maternity? Here are a few tips.

portmanteau maternity

We deviate a little from the protocol list provided by the maternity

In general, the maternity hospital where you will give birth gives you a list of necessary cases for you and the baby for the delivery room as well. Concerning you, we will ask you to provide panties to throw net. A little advice from a friend, buy instead a lot of simple cotton panties (1 size above yours). It’s more comfortable (and less ugly) than the mesh panties. To complete (if it is not indicated on the list), plan for special sanitary napkins overnight. The towels provided by the maternity are huge and not really comfortable. If your bleeding is important, just think about changing your protections more often.

Small shopping before giving birth

On the famous list, we will tell you to take “indoor clothes”. Obviously, you must feel good in your clothes (especially if you had a cesarean or episio) but you also have the right to be flirtatious. In addition to the makeup bag that I advise you not to forget, I strongly encourage you to make a small shopping trip “special after childbirth”. To be comfortable while being feminine, choose one or two blouses or fluid shirts that you can put on a leggings or one of your jeans of pregnancy. In addition, these are practical outfits if you chose to breastfeed baby. You know very well that as soon as the family will pass the pace of the door of your room, you will be, you and baby, strafed with photos, as much avoid to look like a zombie! For the rest, plan one or two nightgowns (or long T-shirts), a pair of slippers or flip flops, a vest (fatigue can make you more chilly than usual) and warm socks.

How to prepare calmly for childbirth

In a few weeks, baby will point the tip of his nose. Like any future mother (especially when it comes to the first child), thousands of questions go through your head, especially concerning childbirth. How to prepare calmly so much awaited day? Here are a few tips.


Do not hesitate to ask questions to the midwife or doctor

You may say that you will seem ridiculous with your questions then, you do not dare to ask and you stresses a little. This is your first child and you do not have the infused science. Your doctor (or midwife) will not mind if you interview him. Having the answer to your questions, you will feel immediately, much less anxious when you think of the day J.

What are the most common questions that expectant mothers ask about childbirth?

We asked the question around us. Here is a small list (not exhaustive) of the questions that come up most often (and therefore worth asking!)

When I have contractions, how long do I have to wait before going to the maternity ward?

Do I have to call the maternity ward before going?

Do I have to call the maternity if I lose the waters or go there directly?

Apart from contractions, are there other signs to take into account to know if I have to go to the maternity?

How can I be sure that I am in “work”?

How long before giving birth should I pack my suitcase for the maternity ward?

Our advice and more

Unless your delivery is scheduled, it is impossible to know in advance when you will give birth. Before the D-day, do not hesitate to make a small identification starting from your home to identify the shortest way to go to the maternity. Keep handy the phone numbers of people you can call if you are alone that day (preferably the ones closest). In your state, do not plan to drive! Prepare your bag and baby’s bag early enough and with your head rested so that you do not forget anything and be more zen when the time comes.

Zoom on haptonomy

Childbirth approaches and you are (very anxious) Zoom on the haptonomy, an accompaniment for all the future mothers (a little) anxious!


What is haptonomy?

Haptonomy is an accompaniment to pregnancy. Its goal is to transmit calm and serenity to the future mother. In general, there are 8 sessions with the father directed by a doctor or a midwife. So, it’s a real moment for two and a conscious preparation for parenthood.

Haptonomy: the benefits

A real cure of relaxation, haptonomy invites the mother to tender gestures, more sweetness to herself. Prospective parents meet together and dad can learn gestures to relax his darling before giving birth.

When to use this method?

The baby begins to interact with his environment from 4 months. His senses develop, he hears noises and understands when we talk to him! The earlier he interacts with his parents, the more he develops serenely. The mother can play with baby, talk to him, caress him. It is thus an accompaniment advised to all.

What are the benefits of this practice?

This gentle accompaniment to delivery helps support the mother in her communication with her future baby. She also prepares the baby, who understands everything, to arrive at the world more serenely. This preparation is complete and can replace any other accompaniment. As a bonus: if it is a doctor or a midwife who practices, social security reimburses 8 sessions!

Childbirth preparation: different methods

Autonomy, yoga, prenatal singing, coprology … Today a multitude of methods are available to you to prepare you serenely (or not!) At the birth. Let’s see in detail the different methods that are proposed to you.


The classic preparation

It is the most popular preparation for childbirth. It is offered at the maternity ward or by wise liberal women. You have the right to 8 sessions reimbursed by the security. Dad can attend. We talk about pregnancy, childbirth, we learn the breathing to adopt during childbirth, relaxation, breastfeeding, we exchange with other future mothers … It is a very complete preparation for childbirth, ideal for future moms (and dads!) worried and overwhelmed with questions.


Haptonomy will teach you how to communicate with your baby. Daddy is of course indispensable. Guided by a midwife, you will learn to talk to your baby and place your hands to encourage him to answer you. Attention sessions are not supported 100% by the security, part remains at your expense.


This is the method of “relaxation”. It’s a bit like a hypnosis session where you’re almost dormant. It’s a real moment of relaxation, relaxation. The midwife trained in this technique guides you throughout the session by alternating advice on childbirth, breastfeeding ….and hypnosis. You have 8 sessions reimbursed by the security.

Prenatal singing

If you feel that Celine Dion is sleeping deep inside you, prenatal singing is for you! This method uses the impact of sounds. You will at the same time work your breath (useful for childbirth), tone your abdominals (even if they seem far away …) and work your perineum (and that’s not luxury). Some wise women practice prenatal singing or singing teachers. If she is not a midwife, it is not reimbursed by the security.


This technique is ideal to reduce your stress and anxiety thanks to the mastery of the breath and the different postures adapted to your condition. It will increase your strength, flexibility and endurance of the muscles needed for childbirth such as the perineum. You can find some wise women trained in prenatal yoga if you now have prenatal yoga instructors. It is rarely refunded.

The preparation in the pool

Like a siren, in a sufficiently warm water, the midwife accompanied by a lifeguard will make you perform gentle movements that will allow you to relax and gently prepare your body for childbirth. In the water you will regain all your lightness, your movements will be smooth. It is a very relaxing activity that you can practice from the beginning of your pregnancy. Unless you are included in your birth preparation, it is not reimbursed.

The Boniface Method

The future dad actively attends this preparation. This technique is based on 3 points: pressure exerted on acupuncture points, massages performed by the father and relaxation to reduce pain by focusing on something else. So swimming, yoga, singing … you’ll have understood you have the choice! We only have to wish you a good preparation and especially … a beautiful birth!