Child’s bag hanging way

child's bag

child’s bag  selection is challenging for both parent and child. Selection of a bag not only includes the selection of bag in various charm colours but include many significant features that should be considered.While a kid is packing his bag for a school, make sure it has supportive stuff. It is necessary to check your child’s bag whether it is suitable for him or not. To check the child’s bag suitability there are so many aspects.

Check out the composition of your child’s bag.

  • Handles Your child’s bag should have two wide handles filled with foam inside so that handling will not rush the shoulders. The wide handles give calm to the shoulder muscles.
  • Back of the child’s bag   the back area of a bag should necessary comfortable. Make sure it is soft and thick so that no any sharp things can be poking through.
  • Sections the child’s bag must have various section in it so that the weight can be divided
  • Waist belt makes sure that you are choosing a bag that has a waist belt. it supports the weight half of the shoulder
  • Water bottle area. While buying must consider that the bag has area for a water bottle with absorbing stuff

Size and weight of bag itself

The size of your child bag should be 40 percent of his height which means it should not cover the whole back of his back. The bag does not weigh more than 17 percent of your child’s body weight. so that he can  also easily hang  his bag on one shoulder only.

Correct hanging way.

Check out the whole stuff that inside the child bag. Make sure, there are all the necessary books that would be needed to your child for today. Do not put the extra books or any kind of extra stationary in your child’s bag. Now you may let hi to hang his bag . must fit the waist belt so he can run through very easily .Guide your child the most appropriate  approach of hanging his bag to get them away from most of the injury

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